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Centurion (2010)
Director: Neil Marshall Casts: Category: Action Thriller Drama Views: 48611 Rate This Movie: Rating: 2.6 out of 6 votes

Britain, A.D. 117. Quintus Dias, the sole survivor of a Pictish raid on a Roman frontier fort, marches north with General Virilus' legendary Ninth Legion, under orders to wipe the Picts from the face of the Earth and destroy their leader, Gorlacon.



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avatar16 (2 years ago):
Il faudrait informer le réalisateur de The Descent que ce n'est pas en lorgnant sur la partie germanique de Gladiator qu'on en tire un péplum de qualité. Résultat : Centurion est loupé, car étant l'exact contraire du film de Ridley Scott. Les défauts que n'a pas ce dernier, Centurion les a! A savoir des dialogues sans classe (plats et même vulgaires), un casting peu imposant, un scénario déjà inexistant qui prouve son inutilité (faits historiques restés sur le papier), mise en scène bien trop plate... Bref, le film ne se contente que de son côté barbare, et là encore le bât blesse, le film étant excessivement gore (gerbes de sang qui jaillissent à foison comme dans un jeu vidéo) et "graphique" (certaines couleurs comme le blanc agressent les yeux). Bref, Centurion est un film qui n'arrive même pas à la cheville de Troie et qui se range du côté d'Outlander ou Pathfinder sans même les égaler. Affligeant! Report Bad

Halfwelshman (2 years ago):
Centurion is a pretty decent action-packed historical thriller. The story may be merely diverting rather than compelling, but there's plenty to entertain throughout. The fight scenes are brutal and expertly handled, and I like the comparison made between Pict tactics and modern guerrilla warfare. The cast are all competent, but no-one gives a performance of any particular note, and the script is a little flat. When compared to other films of this type, Centurion is far better than King Arthur (which had few redeemable qualities at all) but it's not quite in the same league as Gladiator (lacking as it does Ridley Scott's visual pinache and well-developed characters). Neil Marshall continues to prove himself as a talent to watch. While there's nothing majorly wrong with Centurion, it doesn't have enough to make it stand out from other releases - perhaps Marshall needs to return to doing something more daring again, like Dog Soldiers and The Descent. Report Bad

leiden071 (2 years ago):
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wylin (2 years ago):
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molakier (2 years ago):
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Nazgulero (3 years ago):
Godawful. The number one rule is: don't make a time piece if you don't have the budget for one. The worst is to make a film that looks cheap. Everything in this movie looks cheap: the fortress, the effects, everything. Combine that with a bad script, and you have a crap movie. The guy running around in the snow in the beginning was clearly wearing something that looked like Dockers pants, I am pretty sure they did not have those around in the second century. In addition, it should be clear by now that a British accent ruins every movie. It sounds retarded, cannot explain why. Report Bad

JennetP (3 years ago):
This film inserts itself into a couple of historical gaps: first, what happened to the soldiers of the Ninth Legion; second, what were the Picts really like? "Centurion" comes up with much more sinister answers than historians venture, but, hey, it's a movie, right? Problem is, the film can't decide whether it wants to be a kind of anti-epic or a simple chase film. As one who steps out for popcorn when a film "cuts to the chase," I'm much more interested in the former, so I enjoyed those scenes in which the Romans betray the "civilizing" values they claimed to be taking to "the barbarians." Fight scenes, too, were pretty engaging, though I was a little surprised that the giant fireballs from "Troy" managed to roll all the way to the Scottish highlands. Moreover, I genuinely didn't see the ending coming, which was a treat. But the vast stretches of film in which pursuer followed pursued I found eye-rollingly dull, despite some novel characters and gorgeous scenery. Report Bad

blackpudding (3 years ago):
So so. The script doesn't develop the characters beyond archetypes and it's all a bit flat by the end. Just to point out to bradleybossard, without seeming pedantic hopefully, the action of the film doesn't take place in the 'highlands of northern England', but, of course, the highlands of northern Scotland. Report Bad

Razv (3 years ago):
Interesting here and there, with a couple of good scenes and gory scenery, but i think that the characters aren't complex enough and the storyline gets very boring from time to time. Report Bad

bradleybossard (3 years ago):
Enjoyed this movie for the action and the scenery, the highlands of northern England. While not quite as polished as Gladiator, it projects the same barbarity of medieval life and warfare. The villain could have been a big more vile and the hero more heroic, but for those looking for strong violence and epic landscapes, this film will not disappoint. Report Bad

straty73 (3 years ago):
For all of you folks who like those historical movies Centurion is quite a good deal. The plot is not far so good as it was in Gladiator. It is more an action film but accurately it shows some nice roman tactics, for example the marching order, the way how the the legionaries form up their defence, etc. Nice landscape, good fighting scenes, good actors. Don´t miss it in your collection. Quality of the Blu Ray was nice. Sound, too. Report Bad

MrCreativename (3 years ago):
Loved it. The story played out well and the acting was great. Overall it was a very enjoyable movie and I see no major issues with it except for maybe a few cliches. Report Bad

popoy (3 years ago):
nice Report Bad

Hikaru (3 years ago):
Great movie all around. The actors did an amazing job of portraying their characters, as well as selling the story. If the characters don't get you, the fight scenes coupled together with the amazing landscape of the movie will. Report Bad

raco2046 (3 years ago):
This is an interesting flick due to the 2 leads, the force and brutality of its pace and the magnificent landscapes. Yes, it may recall Mad Max lost in Inverness, at times but it does get across with a sublime color palette by the photographer and a very savy delivery by the scarce dialogue and vast imagery. Dominic West and Michel Fassbender are on the dot, also exBond Girl, Kurylenko. Get off it, the Centurion theme is overdone, but it can be revisited. Report Bad

steve4861 (3 years ago):
good movie , not corny , worth a watch. Report Bad

shohan26 (3 years ago):
It is a nice movie but not the greatest... Could have been much more better! Can't understand the beginning and the ending becomes almost predictable while watching it. I'd rank it as 3/5. Report Bad

cso72860 (3 years ago):
megavideo says unavailable or removed Report Bad

jalil48 (3 years ago):
the movie wass ok it could have been better Report Bad

jiggyd (3 years ago):
worth a watchght scenes are treat for u eyes!!! Report Bad

JsDubon82 (3 years ago):
This movie is amazing!!! much better than the latest Robin Hood. I can not wait for part 2 Report Bad

TaiChiChuan (3 years ago):
An excellent movie and the ending capped it. 5/5 Report Bad

NecrolordGR (3 years ago):
Good movie. Kept me watching the entire time. 4/5 PS: My mom liked it too. Report Bad

Forbichoff (3 years ago):
awful. just awful. neil marshall is showing he really has absolutely no talent left after dog soldiers and the descent, i shouldn't really have to mention doomsday... but this movie is filled with cgi blood, pretentious acting and dialogue, horrible editing, and some really stupid PC stuff that was unnecessary and weren't realistic in the realm of the story. garbage. avoid. Report Bad

KundK (3 years ago):
People expecting a sanitized, Gladiator-like epic, might be in for a nasty (or lovely) surprise. There is little honour in this survival story and even less glory. There are, however, many majestic and harsh landscapes and even more brutal, deservedly R-rated spear-to-the-mouth type slayings. In essence, this is â Report Bad

minxy669 (3 years ago):
Amazing movie. Really. Fight scenes are real good, the story is good, acting. Everything. Watch! :) Report Bad

TheGeoDemon (3 years ago):
This was a great action movie. It makes you laugh, makes you wince, and promotes genuine sympathy for the characters. Report Bad

raffy (3 years ago):
very nice story.. Report Bad

XbecomesY (3 years ago):
@ mckie_dec16 If your gonna bore us all to death, give us a bit of a warning next time, thanks! Report Bad

XbecomesY (3 years ago):
@ mckie_dec19 If your gonna bore us all to death, give us a bit of a warning next time, thanks! Report Bad

akouo01 (3 years ago):
Very good film, great acting, special effects, drama and scenery! Well worth watching. I almost past this up too! Report Bad

xylomoon (3 years ago):
pretty good film. it's worth watching. Report Bad

lettuce102 (3 years ago):
Stagevu..yone? Report Bad

WizAtWork (3 years ago):
EPIC, If you're looking for an AWESOME tale, Bloody fight scenes, Watch This Tonight! 5/5 Report Bad

freeagain (3 years ago):
Great Celts / Romans movie, based on a true story with loads of blood and guts. Michael Fassbender's star continues to rise as he plays the main character with aplomb here , gritty and intense. 8/10 Report Bad

KillerBoots (3 years ago):
A da*n good movie :D. If you havnt watch it yet, WATCH IT NOW!!! 10/10 Report Bad

phantom316 (3 years ago):
whoa! this is one of those films that slip through the cracks and you kick yourself for not taking a chance and watching this film sooner rather than lateris film deserves all the credit it gets,if you loved gladiator you will love this film, if you hated alexzander you will love this film lol,one of the best films you never heard of,for this year! 8/10 Report Bad

brabblebrum (3 years ago):
Good movie. Lots of action. Historical action movies are always enjoyable when well made and this one certainly was. Besides, I've been a fan of anything relating to Picts since I first heard the Pink Floyd song "Several Species of small furry animals..." Report Bad

KillerBoots (3 years ago):
A da*n good movie :D. If you havnt watch it yet, WATCH IT NOW!!! 10/10 Report Bad

KalleVL (3 years ago):
I liked this film alot. 4.5/5 stars from me. Report Bad

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