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Con Air (1997)
Director: Simon West Casts: Category: Action Crime Thriller Views: 6567 Rate This Movie: Rating: 3.5 out of 5 votes

Cameron Poe, who is a highly decorated United States Army Ranger came to his home of Alabama to his wife, Tricia. only to run into a few drunken regulars at where Tricia works. Cameron unknowingly kills one of the drunks and was sent to a federal penitentiary for involuntary manslaughter for seven years. Then, Cameron became eligible for parole and can now go home to his wife and daughter, Casey. Unfortunately, Cameron has to share a prison airplane with some of the most dangerous criminals in the country, who somehow took control of the plane and are now planning to escape the country with the plane. Cameron has to find a way to stop them while playing along. Meanwhile, United States Marshal Vincent Larkin is trying to help Cameron get free and stop the criminals including, Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom.



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hoops2448 (2 years ago):
Never before have I watched a film that is so incredibly dire yet so immensely entertaining. Con Air doesn't just ask the viewer to check logic at the door but throw it out altogether and I must say, as soon as I did it became a film so sure of what it was doing I admired it, then I enjoyed it. Con Air tells the story (story being used loosely) of Cameron Poe a retired Army Ranger who gets in a drunken brawl and accidentally kills a man. He is sent away for 7-10 years, even missing his daughters birth. The film's main action however takes place on his flight to the free world as he is being transferred to his original prison for release. However they just so happened to (if you didn't think this plot was bizarre you will now) be flying him by high security plane with some seriously dangerous folk on board. Poe (Nick Cage) tries his best to get his friends through the flight but considering his best friend is diabetic (I couldn't make this up if I tried). The film goes on with a fast pace with a entertaining yet repetitive score backing up the action. Its a sound action film to watch if you are bored, if only to see John Cusack as something other than a mopey heartbroken teenager. Report Bad

grandpajoe6191 (2 years ago):
"Con Air" is your average blow-up blockbuster movie with nothing memorable but massive cliches and decent acting. Report Bad

WeKnowFilms (3 years ago):
A great film, it truly, truly is! Really enjoyed this one, they do not make them like this anymore! You will enjoy this one! Monica Potter gives a fantastic performance, as she always does, and she did not have a huge part in this one! This movie has it all; Romance, Action, Suspense and a lot of comedy! BRILLIANT! Report Bad

MsMia (3 years ago):
This is one to watch! The reason this movie grossed $224,012,234 in the box-office is because it is a real crowd pleaser! It had a budget of $75 million, and it really shows. This movie is and always will be a hit. Is it the best movie ever....NO! But is it the worst......HELL NO! This movie is a huge YES YES YES! Report Bad

MovieMadness (3 years ago):
A hilarious film with a knock-out cast. A refreshing cast with a flawless performance by Nicholas Cage (However, the accent did need more work) John Cusack and the whole cast are truly amazing! A hilarious film and a truly magical watch that gives everyone of us a good time! Report Bad

Row_Sweet_Girl (4 years ago):
I love Nicholas and this film still watch it everytime it comes on Report Bad


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