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Ender's Game (2013)
Director: Gavin Hood Casts: Category: Action Adventure Sci-Fi Views: 45123 Rate This Movie: Rating: 2.5 out of 23 votes

The Earth was ravaged by the Formics, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in orbit around earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise what he does as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family. Written byCrystalSinger45, Jesse Daniels, strouda56



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marcuss (8 days ago):
Haven't watched it yet is worth a read. I won't tell you what it's about as it'd be a spoiler for this film. Report Bad

Ankhs (11 days ago):
While the movie does not follow the book very closely, it was enjoyable to watch. However, if you did not have previous knowledge of the plot and information revealed in the book, some aspects may be difficult to follow. For instance, the concept of a "third." Report Bad

gstv87 (1 month ago):
I like the whole "boy wonder builds his army through charisma" thing, which is surprisingly not cheesy.... but the ending kinda killed it.... the same ending is ok for a book, but it just doesn't fit the movie. Report Bad

Trenton135 (5 months ago):
Reading through these posts I've noticed a lot of negative feedback on this movie. I have never read the book or books but for a first time viewer this was a good movie. Does it do the book justice? No, reading through the comments led me to believe that. I do stress that this being a 2 hour movie is hard for them to fit the entire book into it, yes it needs to be longer, but for what they were given and the budget? They had to squeeze in as much as they could while still leaving pleasing to the eye. Much of the money went into the effects and less into the length. I won't deny that it's possible for them to make a good book to movie , but it seems like they did all that they could. So for fans of the book, it may seem displeasing because of what was left out, but give it a watch, you never know what you might like. People who never read the book and like the scifi genre, most likely you'll enjoy this movie. This is just a review and I don't believe I spoiled anything. Report Bad

SacredAge (6 months ago):
Disregard all the negative comments, this movies an instant classic and hopefully follows up with the rest on film soon!! This is a very complex yet simply put tale of compassion and resistance. 333/10 stars Report Bad

Jamcity (6 months ago):
Didn't read the books, and didn't really get into the movie, bu from what I saw it wasn't horrible. Report Bad

GlorOldMan (6 months ago):
There used to be multiple links for the video on this site, what happened? Report Bad

monoseba (6 months ago):
wtf did i just watched this **** was bad!! Report Bad

harrygharry (6 months ago):
Nice Movie based on good story. Report Bad

viv911 (6 months ago):
ممتاز Report Bad

AUTEUR (6 months ago):
Very good for what it is! don't know the books, but well developed script, good acting, and fantastic visual effects. 7.5/10 Report Bad

henmag1 (6 months ago):
Awesome movie... Very good message. 9/10 Report Bad

rs2044 (6 months ago):
great move Report Bad

tomishereagain (6 months ago):
I read the book about 30 years ago. I thought this movie was entertaining and I wont judge it too harshly. I find it is nice to be alive in a time when there exists the ability to bring the stories I read to movie form. Sometimes I see one that is made that brings the authors creativity back to me then there are movies like Battlefield Earth that just plain piss me off. When the ability to put imagination directly to movie form we might get movies that portray the books exactly. Until that time I have no problem watching close approximations. Since I refuse to watch any movie in cam or TS versions I am happy there is finally a good clean copy to watch. Finally I wish to thank the powers that be for bringing movies to me. Tho I don't agree with the changes to this site I still appreciate its existence. Report Bad

hockeystar24 (6 months ago):
Best movie ever i cant wait to see if they make a second Ender's Game Report Bad

grgoyal (6 months ago):
Ok to watch on sunday when nothing else is on.. Report Bad

cryoe (6 months ago):
I don't read novels simply don't have the time. But when I watch a movie I want it to be like this one. This one spoke to me. Report Bad

moosa (6 months ago):
gooooooood Report Bad

jcrobot (6 months ago):
I did not enjoy this at all. If I had known that it was a harry potter/twilight type teeny bopper bullshit movie, I would have saved my money. Report Bad

wolfcat (6 months ago):
what the hell still cant watch movies Report Bad

Cyclops (6 months ago):
What's with this new site, I can't watch movies on iPad anymore? Report Bad

unbeliever (6 months ago):
All I learned from this movie is that you have to kill your enemies, and let a retarded kid have the guilt. Not marvellous, but it made sense from the strategic point of view. Kidding apart, same ol'same old hero's journey plot. Good values thou. Bad settings, and acting was meh. Ian Solo can do so much when it's up to kids to save the human kind. 5 Meh of 5. Watch it if all your are planning is suicide. That would be a nice trick to make time pass by. I needed two major breaks. The movie is not that interesting: what a mix of harry potter, ian solo and twilight s*** would be like if they were mushed altogheter in a rush! If you can tolerate that, go for it: there are good advices on leadership. To which price nonetheless!!! Report Bad

viv911 (6 months ago):
شئ جميل Report Bad

ac3r2010 (6 months ago):
. enjoyed the movie and look forward to the next installment. - was worth watching the first 90% of the movie to understand the implications from the last 10%. Report Bad

supermanha (6 months ago):
people fight for oyhers and rist thier lives because of them like yhis movie lol fvr thank you Report Bad

viixiconik (6 months ago):
super swag Report Bad

dolfaninfinite (6 months ago):
@ajax269 Some idiot listed a LQ DVD which bumps the whole thing to the HD section... I already reported the link, it should be removed soon. Report Bad

ajax269 (6 months ago):
why is this listed under HD?? they are all still cams! Report Bad

radien (6 months ago):
I really liked the movie. It kept my attention from start to finish!!! Report Bad

sweetstar (6 months ago):
Epic ! 10/10 Report Bad

Jeopardy5 (7 months ago):
I loved this movie! This lil kid was awesome! He's gonna be a big star! My favorite kinda movie. action, intrigue, suspense! It had it all. 10/10 Report Bad

jet2643 (7 months ago):
Good movie in my books as well. Kept one's attention. It was a long, long, long time ago when I read the book (probably close to original release and so I don't remember all the details but it seems to me the movie was representative of the book, particularly the final battle.
Thank you all for the opportunity to watch this movie. Report Bad

atreatforaking (7 months ago):
So.eir's a book? i gotta read it. Great movie by that way. Loved the Kristen Stewart acting, it always, gets me. Report Bad

dlshipps (7 months ago):
Very impressive combination of story using technology as the medium of presentation. Animation impressively bonded with modern set design. Great use of experienced talent inspiring impressive ensemble. Report Bad

whitetaniwha (7 months ago):
Awesome movie. Good to watch and enjoyed the fight scenes Report Bad

Resticon (7 months ago):
Haven't read this book before because every time I tried in the past it felt a bit too dry. This movie on the other-hand was so superb that I think I might have to go get the book and force myself past that beginning chapter or two. A few nice twists and, while not unpredictable, it was engaging at the least. Report Bad

Onable (7 months ago):
i see where this is going but i can't enjoy it w/o more than 70% beyond puberty references (makes alien talk more interesting) ijs. 6/10 Report Bad

mcowan19 (7 months ago):
Would have given the movie a higher rating, but the end was so predictable. I saw it coming. Report Bad

timefly50 (7 months ago):
Good movie! Much more than I expected (though I've not read the book series). Good character development, script, acting, and graphics. I rate this a rare 9.8 out of 10. Report Bad

Giesterfarher (7 months ago):
I was worried when I heard they were making this into a movie, especially after the Battlefield:Earth debacle.
I'm so relieved they did a great job of keeping most of what made Enders game a great book.
Looking forward to the sequel. Report Bad

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