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Homefront (2013)
Director: Gary Fleder Casts: Category: Action Thriller Views: 9800 Rate This Movie: Rating: 2.9 out of 38 votes

A former DEA agent moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord.



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lifestyle62 (5 months ago):
Not one of Jason's best movies, story line so predictable but loved the fight sequences. Report Bad

lisamariemcc (5 months ago):
Great movie..would do no less for one of my children... Report Bad

Ryuzaki (5 months ago):
guys go watch movies on this website the quality of the movies are much better. Report Bad

choromakolo (5 months ago):
Great movie enjoyed it from the start to the end nice story line too . 10/10 ! Report Bad

arson1999 (5 months ago):
: this film is everything it promises. Report Bad

HondoMan (5 months ago):
Loads of "action actors" make the all-too-often flop movie. Statham seems to be a bit different. Whether it was the Drive series, The Mechanic, etc., he stays on par and delivers good overall action films. None are utterly great, but they are good and fun to watch and seems to have a steady 4 star rating. Well done! Report Bad

smokes_dagen (5 months ago):
This movie was shockingly good, I had doubts due to it being written by Sylvester Stallone but my God does he deliver. It is an epic thril ride from the word go and never lets up. Report Bad

againstdagrain (5 months ago):
wow! this movie was awesome! it's worth the watch! I was sleepy and was going to put off watching it another day but now Im wide awake from all the action! Report Bad

b6ycob (5 months ago):
nice Report Bad

Rolandzzz (5 months ago):
**** trailer trash load mouth inbred dog Report Bad

woniel (5 months ago):
Statham at his best - probably his best so far..lid acting all round and super action...8/10! Report Bad

Jackrabbit (5 months ago):
Eeeeeech YA WAHTEVER....LMAO DFS Report Bad

Pympjuice (5 months ago):
Cmon people. The movie is free. There's no need to be wishing death on people just because you're not satisfied with the audio or something. You should only bitch and moan when you're paying for something. IJS. Report Bad

Rolandzzz (6 months ago):
dope movie Report Bad

richw13 (6 months ago):
great movie,good action and great plot. 8/10 watch Report Bad

badboyxxx61 (6 months ago):
Movie was good, good action and fight scenes, sound was off at times but movie is watchable.anks for the up-load 7/10 Report Bad

Greb (6 months ago):
Statham at his best. Good action movie with brain and a few known faces like Winona Ryder and some others. Report Bad

wolfcat (6 months ago):
what the hell cant watch movies now ....???? to much messin around Report Bad

fady3N (6 months ago):
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Statham always delivers. Report Bad

boundless (6 months ago):
and history line as in story line of course. Report Bad

boundless (6 months ago):
I just want a little more complex plot that's all I don't ask for much. but yeah you're right, it's more about the action rather than the history line.
Excuse my crazy talk haha Report Bad

D-Live84 (6 months ago):
Good Movie I Am A Statham Fan, Not His Best Movie But Definitely A Good One ... Check It Out 8/10 Report Bad

BrightonMatt (6 months ago):
Its like what the definition of Insanity...
Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results Report Bad

boundless (6 months ago):
Very true, but can't help but to want to expect something different perhaps original every now and then haha. Report Bad

BrightonMatt (6 months ago):
The second coming of another Steven Seagal actor. All Steven's movies are martial arts based movies with him either being a Cop, ex-cop, Military, ex-military people which is very generic and he is still producing movies. I wouldn't be surprised if Jason Statham's role model IS Steven Seagal.
I'm pretty sure this movie is very generic and predictable but regardless, people will still be watching this movie and I intend to watch it because it has martial arts(Action packed) Report Bad

boundless (6 months ago):
Cool movie, a little generic and predictable but still good. Report Bad

splusb (7 months ago):
Good movie! Lots of action and a surprise seeing Wynona Ryder again. I wish she'd do more. Thanks for the links! Report Bad

Valefar (7 months ago):
What a great movie! from start to finish! Report Bad

curiousitykittie (7 months ago):
another awesomely incredible action packed statham flick ... not to mention that james franco does an amazing job of the bad guy!!! its a must see in my opinion ... hehe ;) Report Bad

MPA2000 (7 months ago):
His movies are usually good, but he lacks a catch phrase to define him like sylvester stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Report Bad

SamOneNine (7 months ago):
Worthless. Language track flops back and forth through the whole movie. Report Bad

Psychology_Runner (7 months ago):
The movie was alright. I'll give it a 5/10. Girl gets kidnapped, daddy has to rescue her, and unneeded explosions. Typical cliche movie. Report Bad

imanageassets (7 months ago):
Why would someone post movies knowing that the language was messed up. what a total jerk. I hope you die a slow, painful death. Report Bad

kameljoe21 (7 months ago):
any good version yet i watch the putlocker version and i thought i was losing it when the language changed plus the audio is a little too much the bass is way to high let me know if a better one is updated Report Bad

Honest_Alaskan (7 months ago):
couldn't make it past 25 min. due to the language switching and horrible bass overload.... thanks anyway whoever uploaded, but i'll be waiting for a better copy/upload Report Bad

Interracial (7 months ago):
This website needs to up their game like don't upload a movie that can't play and looks like ****. Report Bad

mosredrum (7 months ago):
Yasiu, A good indicator for dvd,BR or HD versions is to look for their release dates. Usually a copy that you are looking for will quickly follow. For Homefront that info isn't posted yet. (According to dvdsreleasedates dot com) Movies for the most part now are quickly released to the formats you're looking for once they are out of theaters. Report Bad

Yasiu (7 months ago):
..anks a lot to all Uploaders for CAM versions but can anyone tell me how long we need to wait for a DVD/Blue Ray etc/HD version? :) Report Bad

jholl99 (7 months ago):
Good Statham movie! poor video sound quality. Report Bad

pepsibackfoolyo (7 months ago):
ha that's funny that's the sane from the game called Homefront Report Bad

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