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Hours (2013)
Director: Eric Heisserer Casts: Category: Drama Thriller Views: 15872 Rate This Movie: Rating: 2.9 out of 23 votes

A father struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.



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LeSamourai (6 months ago):
Interesting movie, and you will want to watch it to the end, a bit slow in parts but overall quite good. video quality is good, 7/10 Report Bad

mounirbieber (6 months ago):
that was the best movie i ever watch in 2013 Report Bad

TankGirI (7 months ago):
There are several threads on Forum paying respect to Paul Walker, hardly used - because many people continue to ignore requests to keep comment section clean from 'rip' comments and use it to discuss the film and related subjects. Then when you get reminded, you bomb mod requests with red arrows.
'RIP' comments removed. Use Forum. This is a review/film comment section.
The End. Report Bad

virgo02 (7 months ago):
Very good movie :) R I P Beautiful smile. Report Bad

Madame_X (7 months ago):
truly a legacy. for the late Paul Walker; may he rest in Peace. This film was intense because IN REALITY A PARENT WILL DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO ENSURE THEIR CHILDS SURVIVAL and this man went above and beyond...9/10 from
Madame_X Report Bad

TankGirI (7 months ago):
Please people, use the thread on Forum and keep comment section clear. Thanks Report Bad

BrightonMatt (7 months ago):
I just found out that Walker pasted away :(
This is the last film he completed.
RIP Paul Walker Report Bad

prophet (7 months ago):
how sad to have lost a man of his ability just when he was beginning to come into his own, this film I think one of his best performances shows how much talent he had yet to utilize to his potential. RIP Report Bad

Resticon (7 months ago):
I thought this was a really good movie. It was a bit slow at times but the story was quite powerful. Report Bad

mac-90- (7 months ago):
R.I.P Paul Walker ! Report Bad

Ilovemovieseries (7 months ago):
Rest in peace paul Report Bad

ReneeRose29 (7 months ago):
Rest In Peace Paul. You will be missed. Report Bad

dtdavis (7 months ago):
Sad, very sad day. RIP Report Bad

tdwl1211 (7 months ago):
RIP Paul Walker. Report Bad

libra_goddess (8 months ago):
Great movie. Now that's a REAL good example of a good father. Sherlock the rescue dog was awesome. Paul did over act in some parts, but it's watchable. Report Bad

kingj0n (8 months ago):
An extremely boring movie...
Dude did pretty much the same thing throughout the whole movie in the same room.. 1 dude.. Report Bad

kingkong878 (8 months ago):
Gave the movie an 8.5 , the movie wasnt boring , i enjoyed the movie , its a sad movie and loved the good happy ending made me spill a few tears Report Bad

ReneeRose29 (8 months ago):
You're right.. pretty much WAS a one man movie and I hate those. This film didn't even make me aware of that until you said something and reminded me. Probably because Paul did such a great job on this. An original script too. It was a great movie, wasn't it? Report Bad

dollarbill2 (8 months ago):
I enjoyed this movie...8.5 for sure! OMG Report Bad

dnicemob12 (8 months ago):
Great Movieul Walker does a amazing job in this movie. Couldn't even leave the room for even a minute, My girlfriend was crying 80% of the movie. 8.5/10 Report Bad

dnicemob12 (8 months ago):
I GIVE THE MOVIE A 8.5 Report Bad

grrrrrrrrr (8 months ago):
Very slow, a bit of bad acting.. why did I watch it... Report Bad

J.Kim (8 months ago):
paul walker finally made a good movie!
the love that a father has for his daughter, WoW~! Report Bad

kacem (8 months ago):
Just perfect (Y) Report Bad

motherboard (8 months ago):
An emotional moving movie, I would say what this dad went through for his daughter, about equates to giving birth to her himself. Its hard to pull off a one person show and with its low budget, this movie gets a 10/10 Report Bad

Hejira (8 months ago):
This is a well shot, well edited film that looks and sounds good. It’s just not that interesting despite the subject matter. Some of the emotion does come through, though it’s unclear if that’s just latent emotions about Katrina, or if the narrative is strong enough to pull our heartstrings itself. Either way, it’s just not a very good film. I wouldn't call this a Thriller–definitely a Drama. Report Bad

Scarlettred (8 months ago):
Omg, what a good movie. You did it again Paul Walker. Couldn't even leave the room for even a minute, lol. Then just couldn't stop crying at the end. 10/10 Report Bad

diadem (8 months ago):
What a snoozer ! @Morningstar Paul Walker and success do not belong in the same sentence. Report Bad

morninstar (8 months ago):
brilliant movie..other paul walker success ! Report Bad

moviebuff75 (8 months ago):
nice sunday movie :) made me cry at the end .. :) Report Bad

ReneeRose29 (8 months ago):
@MariaAQuinn Probably not purely fiction, but based on a lot of stories about Katrina and you were pretty much either on your own or had to band together with strangers to survive. Report Bad

ReneeRose29 (8 months ago):
A hard movie to watch knowing that there were many many similar stories to this, showing how the average person, with a little creativity, common sense, and a strong will to survive can handle just about anything. Sweet, endearing story and a movie that should be watched by everyone. Report Bad

phernandez12 (8 months ago):
this movie was touching (: especially at the end Report Bad

ETfoneHm36 (8 months ago):
this movie major tear jerker. I give it 10/10 amazing story Report Bad

gt69s (8 months ago):
I liked the movie...ul walker is really good in this....I like it...just my opinion Report Bad

damirsamir (8 months ago):
It made me cry Report Bad

MariaAQuinn (8 months ago):
Quite enjoyed this...i'm guessing it was purely fiction?.. didn't say...good film...worth a watch - 8/10 Report Bad

angeline_yu (8 months ago):
that was a good movie. Loved it too. Report Bad

takamimi33 (8 months ago):
oh so very very boring. Report Bad

Grillita (8 months ago):
loved this movie it made me cry at the end 4 reals the best ive seen in this past couple of months Report Bad

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