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I, Frankenstein (2014)
Director: Stuart Beattie Casts: Category: Action Fantasy Sci-Fi Views: 7044 Rate This Movie: Rating: 3.0 out of 43 votes

Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans.



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TheLoneWolf (19 days ago):
I thought this movie was an okay sit through but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Report Bad

7thInfantry (1 month ago):
Non of the players worked. Would like to see the movie. Report Bad

kain842002 (1 month ago):
they all say file not found... Report Bad

dibyansh100 (1 month ago):
none of them work useless upload Report Bad

sandblaster (1 month ago):
I liked it, a good one time watch. Report Bad

jrh123 (1 month ago):
None of these actually work. who is the asshole? Report Bad

MyDogFuckedUrMom (1 month ago):
much better than expected Report Bad

choromakolo (1 month ago):
Nice movie, 8/10 Report Bad

arson1999 (1 month ago):
Wow, just wow.. eat movie Report Bad

JoanOfArc (2 months ago):
can you put the player back AND have mirrors?? Report Bad

raadden (2 months ago):
samirgamal YOU want the player here, I want mirrors. Report Bad

samirgamal (2 months ago):
put back the player here but in good quality Report Bad

djdrobins (2 months ago):
Thanks to the uploaders was Looking forward to this one - quality is just out too out of focus to watch at the moment. Report Bad

ingozi (2 months ago):
I feel a lot less clean after watching this. Why include Frankenbeans in this? Could be because if weren't for the name, it would just be another C movie. Jeez, I am bummed out. Thanks for the effort though Uploader. Quality, although cam, was watchable, Better quality certainly won't make the movie any better. Report Bad

samirgamal (2 months ago):
we want the player here , but good picture Report Bad

samirgamal (2 months ago):
we want the player here Report Bad

meta21 (2 months ago):
wait for better video Report Bad

Cheap_Designs (2 months ago):
better wait for a better quality Report Bad

asreal (2 months ago):
after watching this flick which was not too bad, i'll hang with the old Franklin:D+. Report Bad

rrobbo06 (2 months ago):
Despite the medium quality of the download, this film was very interesting. I didn't expect the gargoyles and the demons so, that was what interested me how the whole of their existence was used in this story. Of course, it would have been easy for the creature to have made passionate love to the doctor but, that would have been to easy for the story line so, he fights on almost in a an altruistic way. Kind of like a Superman of the monsters. Then again, he wasn't really a monster, or was he? Report Bad

optimusomega (2 months ago):
that was a very bad movie Report Bad

traytheone (2 months ago):
not a bad movie.ttle dark but watchable.. Report Bad

romemonica (2 months ago):
So what's with the credit card info Report Bad

romemonica (2 months ago):
Why cant I watch movies anymore Report Bad

SKINARD222 (2 months ago):
We have a cross between Abe Lincoln vampire killer and Underworld and its a GREAT combo! What I could see of this was good. Thx uploader. Hit me with a HD ASAP. Report Bad

malfactor (44 years ago):
I TRUELY appreciate the work some ppl put into uploading this, tho at the end of the day regardless of quality.s a crappy movie lol. If blueray/dvd version was available here tomorrow it would still be a stinker. Report Bad

Bandog (44 years ago):
its my 3 try ...i cant get over 10/15min... and i want to watch it so bad...i blame the quality... i saw trailer cool. i just have to wait for better quality... right now 5/10 Report Bad

uunio (44 years ago):
Well I tried watching it again even though it got a 6 on rotten tomatoes, because I heard someone else say they liked it from the office, this time I stuck around a bit longer. The special effects are nice, the story stinks. I'm a hardcore sci-fi/horror freak too but this is just bad story telling. Report Bad

john562 (44 years ago):
this movie reminds me of Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman Report Bad

vyletterose (44 years ago):
not bad...yes, it's like a dc comic come alive (if you note in the keywords, it says is based on comic book)..i, frankenstein....i can see there could be more of this.. Report Bad

Lucy18960 (44 years ago):
Got about halfway through, and could not get into it. To me, it felt like a comic book come alive. I guess it is not my type of sci fi. Report Bad

SgtDoss (44 years ago):
@Jim420 most often when posted as HD when not "direct to dvd movies",the day after,links are deleted,often in the same day,proof as of today january 31 they're all cam linkd perso i think Solar are the 1 with the best "Admins"not adding movies that are not in english yet/big parts of movie missing/quality barely watchable,they update and take care of the communityay with us my friend,you wont find better on 01channel or zmovielarmovie you rock! Report Bad

SgtDoss (44 years ago):
@uunio of course you cant get into a movie watching 1/6 of it,when most of time it take at least 30mins of a 1h30 for the story to startside that,i think this movie was kinda blending into the "underworld"movies and "blade's"cinematography for the way they burst into flame just like in blade innovation,good action movie,with good main actor overall entertaining no more no less. Report Bad

zeus99 (44 years ago):
Good movie Report Bad

vknyvz (44 years ago):
is the movie that horrible it got 6 on rottentomatoes? watching now Report Bad

dugsatch41 (44 years ago):
@SgtDoss I'm sorry i clicked on the report button on this post by accident my mouse is really acting up Report Bad

D-Live84 (44 years ago):
Did not enjoy this movie... There is just something wrong with it and I can't explain what but watch it and see if u agree. Report Bad

SgtDoss (44 years ago):
@dugsatch41 np Report Bad

Bandog (44 years ago):
just got finish watching after 3 try... well i expected more... its not boring but its not keeping u in the couch too. its a demon movie what i did not expected. i m not a fan of vampires ore demons. the cast is good all good actors the story is simple special effects are good but i had the feeling something is missing and i cant tell u what ... action is there , slow but there. now the quality u can watch but the camera is focusing all the time in and out. thats how u tell its still cam. the movie is real dark so u got to brighten it ore u will see nothing. i will watch it again just in perfect picture but i will not buy it ore go to the movies not worth. hope was helpful 7/10 Report Bad

wok75 (44 years ago):
@MsMarvel lq dvd to me means a fuzzy picture or lower sound but on this site lq dvds is just another term for cams if u ask me
@Nazdroth I heard its like van helsing so im gonna wait for hd aswel Report Bad

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