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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)
Director: Kenneth Branagh Casts: Category: Action Drama Thriller Views: 18351 Rate This Movie: Rating: 2.9 out of 42 votes

Jack Ryan, as a young covert CIA analyst, uncovers a Russian plot to crash the U.S. economy with a terrorist attack.



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Selina223 (2 months ago):
Finally HD :) Report Bad

HondoMan (2 months ago):
Pretty good film. A bit too Hollywood and over the top, but enjoyable nonetheless. Report Bad

cantool (2 months ago):
Finally a good copy; thanks to the uploader. An enjoyable film that should not be compared to the Bourne Identity trilogy. It is fast-paced and very entertaining. Report Bad

dudeguy33 (2 months ago):
what it is missing is decent sound!! Terrible1! Report Bad

morgansling (2 months ago):
when is it gonna update? It's been so long. Report Bad

joeyfanof88 (2 months ago):
Movie has been out for weeks.....Where's the good copy at? Report Bad

MIGAS21 (2 months ago):
Sorry .thing can compare with the Jason Bourne franchise...t even James Bond..... Report Bad

Nezchrynliir (2 months ago):
Pretty good movie, TBH to the one who mentioned the bourne series I could not watch that because the camera was too shaky and that irritated the crap out of me. Also made me feel a bit of vertigo, this is a good updated version of Jack Ryan with real world relevancy for today. I think they did a good job. The Bourne movies were crap compared to James Bond and even this film which is a second to Bond. Report Bad

Tallie24 (2 months ago):
I enjoyed this quite a bit, besides swooning seeing Chris Pine, but I'm glad to see Kenneth Braunaugh directed the film. I'd rate 4 our of 5. :) Report Bad

kevin198502 (2 months ago):
When will there be a good copy? Report Bad

deanofode (2 months ago):
As of now a good copy Pretty formulaic action drama but good and fast paced entertainment Report Bad

mjeanbb (6 months ago):
would be nice to have the possibility to chose other sources. Like it was before. Report Bad

eurasienne (6 months ago):
show other sources! Report Bad

Captain_Beefheart (6 months ago):
The audio isn't great but, the picture is viewable considering that it is a cam. I'm gonna watch it through but, I can't wait for the DVD copy. This should be pretty awesome. Report Bad

nojla (6 months ago):
can't watch this movie, bring back the other source. Report Bad

movietimenow (6 months ago):
Poor cam-audio quality combined with a noisy movie audience that is either speaking Filipino or playing with plastic candy wrappers... Report Bad

dogman68 (6 months ago):
What a lousy copy....e sound is poor and the picture is not good....what a shame. Report Bad

Steve1313 (44 years ago):
My bad the links I was talking about were not in English. But hopefully soon. Report Bad

Steve1313 (44 years ago):
There are links out for this on other sites so hopefully soon Report Bad

rut1975 (44 years ago):
@SgtDoss just do a google search. I read the story on Yahoo about it and hitflix. It started development in 2009. Of course they had to get Clancy's blessing before they did that. That is obvious. The only thing Clancy didn't like was moving it up to this era. Do some searches.
You wrote that they tried for 9 years..n't you think Clancy greenlit that? How on Earth would you ever think it was stolen? Report Bad

opel786 (44 years ago):
the movie is just awesome must watch Report Bad

GrkGodd (44 years ago):
iinnss, is a liar and dildo for putting a 2,3 rated video as hd, seriously this guy should be banned Report Bad

marty1991 (44 years ago):
looks good cant wait 2 c this. Report Bad

SgtDoss (44 years ago):
@rut1975 I wonder where you took your info,im pretty sure(at 99%) that Clancy took no part in the writing nor production,but you're right that it is a reboot of the Jack Ryan serie,Mace Neufeld the producer,tried for 9 years to do so,and finnaly got the green light with Kenneth Branagh a few years ago. Report Bad

rut1975 (44 years ago):
@SgtDoss it was not stolen. Tom Clancy helped with the writing and worked with the producers before his death on this. It was not a book, that is correct, but Tom Clancy did have his hands in this movie. Its a reboot. Tom Clancy was very happy that this part of the story was going to be told. Report Bad

just10b87 (44 years ago):
It is always better waiting to see the good version. So I am going to wait a little bit longer maybe it be Russian dvd soon in English. I really want to see this so bad. Report Bad

SgtDoss (44 years ago):
This as nothing to do with Tom Clancy novels nor Jack Ryan movies based on those novels,like sums of all fears and chase of red octobere only thing is that he's a CIA agent thats it,so dont expect an awesome story,but only another action movie with nothing originalo it wasn't a bad 1,just not what i was expecting from Tom Clancy "stolen"character. Report Bad

Thanks_Mates (44 years ago):
Always appreciative of our recorders and linkers, but I'll have to wait until the audio is better :/ Looking forward to this movie :) Report Bad

Suppermann (44 years ago):
on putlocker this is amazing,they just need to upload "Ride Along" and i will be very happy :D :D Report Bad

emort26 (44 years ago):
who cares watch the movie Report Bad

rut1975 (44 years ago):
@Wok75 SgtDoss is an idiot at this point. Of course you by the rights and they were told what Clancy wanted to do. He just didn't like they were doing the Jack Ryan in this era. "I just got an answer from Kenneth"....lol...w I know you are lying. Tom Clancy owns the rights....lol. I can't stand people like you who are wrong but just can't admit it...or just go away. Report Bad

wok75 (44 years ago):
@SgtDoss im pretty sure you need to buy the rights to make a reboot movie otherwise it would be copyright Report Bad

SgtDoss (44 years ago):
@rut1975 I just got an answer from Kenneth,Tom took no part in this movie,he didnt took part in the writting as you're sayingese last years Tom was ill,he didnt talked alot to anyone(answering calls)and as always was pretty recluse/solitarynt beleive what people say on yahoo,and i dont have to search on google for this when i can have answers from the producersd when you say "they had to get Tom's blessing" you're so wrong,to make a reboot you dont need approval of anyoneyway it still was a good movie and happy for you if you think and/or like to think that Tom was involved into this movie.What please you please me :) Report Bad

wok75 (44 years ago):
@SgtDoss the rights wouldn't disappear because he died they would either go to next of kin or the production company even if they didn't exist you can't copy an original piece of work for 50 years im pretty sure due to copyright Report Bad

just10b87 (44 years ago):
i have never seen a message board fight over something so much like you guys personally knew the director or tom Clancy to end this debate. It doesn't matter either way. He died this year let him RIP. He made me like books and video games again that forgot about making noise in a game and the gadgets you need he changed the way games are played now. He was a good author. Report Bad

SgtDoss (44 years ago):
@rut1975 Maybe not from Kenneth himself since i didnt talked to him face to face,but i did got answer to my letter sent to :Kenneth Branagh Ltd.
Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath
Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH
and Tom famously disliked what Hollywood did to his books...you cant stand people that cant admit they are wrong,then you must not like yourself,and i challenge you to give me a link where it say he took part in this movie.You say he owns the rights?!?!Well he's dead he dont own anything anymore. Report Bad

ngc21 (44 years ago):
nice movie Report Bad

Onable (44 years ago):
thought this would be stupid but it had a lot to offer as a thriller. it's not that good, but worth your free time.
oh and to add insult: if clancy ws involved he would be in the credits (not just 'based off of a novel') ijs. you guys are huffing for nothing. Report Bad

treva2000 (44 years ago):
Says HD not HD guys but good movie for what it was. Report Bad

just10b87 (44 years ago):
I am still waiting on dvd or something better. I cannot hear it well. Hope its soon its been like a month. Report Bad

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