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Need for Speed (2014)
Director: Scott Waugh Casts: Category: Action Crime Drama Thriller Views: 18877 Rate This Movie: Rating: 2.9 out of 45 votes

Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.



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scifi (7 days ago):
Very good quality. When using an HDMI the BRRip is ACTUALLY HiDef. As for the movie itself, some of the best race scenes I've ever seen. Great cinematography! Superb performance by Aaron Paul for just an action type racing movie. A little long but worth the ride 7/10 Report Bad

rlnti (15 days ago):
it was so slow to load i have a connection of 60kb/s Report Bad

Amatyi1 (18 days ago):
This movie starts out pretty slow and I thought, oh great this is gonna be dumb. It gets better though and it ended up being a good story line. I enjoyed it a lot better then I thought I was going to. Report Bad

MoviesWithBoobies (19 days ago):
Wasted 10hrs torrenting this, horrible movie! I watch alot of movies, seriously I have no life, this was a pure 5/10! Report Bad

TheSwiftScout (20 days ago):
how do I even DL this Report Bad

Jlex0201 (3 months ago):
im unable to watch the movie, says file deleted Report Bad

heamicdan (3 months ago):
this is medium quality? 10 minutes and i decided to wait for dvd quality i agree with fredfish Report Bad

kiddcutty (3 months ago):
Haven't watched this yet but i'm a need for speed player and i was excited to find out that Jesse from Breaking Bad was playing the lead role. i hope i enjoy it. if not i'll still watch it again most likely. Report Bad

PatsNation87 (3 months ago):
When is this movie finally going to be offered in medium or high quality? Report Bad

fredfish (3 months ago):
Audio very tinny and dark visuals. If this is medium quality glad i didn't watch the poor quality Report Bad

Enzeil16 (4 months ago):
CelestiaSkype, O B V I O U S L Y! You don't really understand the real meaning of movie :3 Music doesn't really matter in the movie its just like an accessory to it. Unless you watch while you listen to the music but don't really understand the story. One Thing about this movie. ITS TOTALLY C O O O O O O O O O O O O L :) Report Bad

aiza4t (4 months ago):
This movie is almost about life, not fanatically about car. it is super cheesy but that's what make it great. Not really predictable because there's a scene or two that i didn't really expect to turn out that way. 4/5 Report Bad

leurreur00 (4 months ago):
CelestiaSkye, you've never played the game...Obviously Report Bad

leurreur00 (4 months ago):
CelestiaSkye you obviously never played the game.. Report Bad

asreal (4 months ago):
I am a man of few words, pretty cool. Report Bad

CelestiaSkye (4 months ago):
Not Impressed. It was very predictable. It wasn't boring, they had good actors and the story wasn't awful.. It's just I feel like I've seen the movie before Usually love action car movies but this is not one of my favorites. Also I kind of missed music in the movie as far as I remember there was only one song in the entire movie and the car sounds became a little annoying.. How about some music to set the mood? You can't even compare this one to the fast and furious, which is one of my favorite movies. Report Bad

midnightcf1 (44 years ago):
I Really love it. the storyline was perfect Report Bad

tj94 (44 years ago):
I just think for a start its pretty bad-ass okay, ever looked at the first Fast and Furious movie and how it sucks kinda? Anything better comes from a humble beginning. Stop comparing too, just watch it and enjoy the time that was put in building the kit cars a scenes. Anyway its my opinion but should you choose to consider it, it ain't bad. Report Bad

iwanawatch (44 years ago):
Cam quality is watchable but about the movie now well i never thought i'd find a more cheesy movie than the fast n furious only god knows how many #'s they made but yea if your a Nascar fan and enjoy a movie with little to no plot and want to watch cars exploding and cop chases your in the right place don't bother waiting for a better quality version this version is totally fine. Report Bad

Tilakos (44 years ago):
story line is good consider to game play Report Bad

speederx (44 years ago):
Can't wait for a better quality. Report Bad

Darthintrepid (44 years ago):
Fake HD links removed.
So...who's ready to post the next one, and have all of their links disabled, and lose linker status for it?
Is it worth a few extra clicks on one link? Report Bad

Saagar (44 years ago):
I actually really enjoyed this movie.(Actually paid to see it) The story line was actually decent and had a lil humor to it. But the action with all those cars is what sold me on the movie. If you love cars and racing like I do than this movie is definitely a much watch and I even recommend seeing it at the theaters. Report Bad

DrakeBloodmoon (44 years ago):
ooo and i would love to quit a job like that...lol Report Bad

DrakeBloodmoon (44 years ago):
the movie was alright, seemed like it had a better story to it then most of the video games... Report Bad

vhollund (44 years ago):
Michael Keaton and Paul-what'shisname are good actors
I hope they all made good doe ..om this half ass movie
One big car-comercial ;-)
Looking forward to the independant movies with Paul-whatshisnamefrombreakingbad Report Bad

shameil (44 years ago):
Watered down Fast and Furious? It was GREAT...except for cam quality. Report Bad

ic3rap (44 years ago):
It's like a watered down Fast and Furious Report Bad

axi0matic (44 years ago):
just terrible. No idea why Aaron Paul agreed to this; And was anyone asking for a movie based off of a racing game? It seems the moral of the story is; endangering the lives of pedestrians is fine and dandy, so long as your street racing skills are dope enough. "Let's settle this behind the wheel", hahahaha. 1/10 Report Bad

NZHoeks (44 years ago):
This movie won't be Breaking any box office records, it was that Bad Report Bad

Onable (44 years ago):
does anyone remember the record for driving across the country: from new york to cali? then the same guy drove from Michigan to texas in record time. basically, i was glued the entire ride.....helps to have some eye candy. 7/10 bc, who races, lets the other car get close to them while you're near 200mph? Report Bad

canonrock (44 years ago):
i love the movie..d julia soo sweet lol Report Bad

Pympjuice (44 years ago):
@Tilakos I agree. I feel they glazed over some of the parts that made the game fun like customization. I mean that they started with a regular '15 Mustang, then, voila, its the most amazing Shelby Mustang I've ever seen. It only took one minute! But overall, I liked the movie. Usually movies made from video games are horrible imho, but this one was good. 3.5/5 Report Bad

james-047 (44 years ago):
Not bad, but its a bit going out to a romantic side which is not the case with the real NFS ! Report Bad

james-047 (44 years ago):
@kac2868 2 point something isn't big money dude, :) Report Bad

kac2868 (44 years ago):
Watched "Need for Speed". This is a good movie if you like racing and fast cool carse story centers around a street racer who makes some big money on fixing up a classic shelby mustang but due to unfortunate circumstances ends in in prison instead. After he gets out, he seeks revenge against the man who framed him by beating him in a famous winner take all race. The plot to the story is kind of cliche but not too bad overall. The racing/driving scenes are greate ending is okay. Overall a good watch. I would give this a 7 out of 10 stars. Report Bad

Aerotek (44 years ago):
Im really confused about all this links :s Report Bad

Elq (44 years ago):
You are right. I am sorry, honest mistake.. Report Bad

spotflare (44 years ago):
this was alright but i haven't seen a cross country film that tops the impact of the original VANISHING POINT. in this one,the cops did more damage and were a bigger threat than the drivers and we hafta pay their wages and for the damage they do.. and what's with pullin' weapons on the guy?? their lives were not in imminent danger. Report Bad

Ph0EniX (44 years ago):
@ELQ .. HD :) ? can you watch your link please?
so HD is a BDRIp or a HDRip
as long as it has Chinese Subs and logos is a maximum LQ-DVD.. but this WEbrip is max a CAM... Report Bad

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