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Ride Along (2014)
Director: Tim Story Casts: Category: Action Comedy Views: 10859 Rate This Movie: Rating: 3.2 out of 34 votes

Fast-talking security guard Ben joins his cop brother-in-law James on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order to prove himself worthy of marrying Angela, James' sister.



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tomas153 (1 month ago):
Good movie :) you wont be dissapointed or at least bored trough out it :) Report Bad

Eidenx2 (1 month ago):
Why is all of these copyes the " Gatsby" ? WTF Report Bad

Skiller (3 months ago):
worth a watch. very funny 8/10 Report Bad

Talalz (5 months ago):
This was a good comedy and action. Loved the script and ice cube didit again. A must watch 8/10 Report Bad

pepsibackfoolyo (5 months ago):
all i have to say is funny funny funny. Report Bad

gamleole154 (5 months ago):
To bad with the Chinese subtitles... Report Bad

washakh (5 months ago):
not dat good Report Bad

Jackss92 (5 months ago):
haha Kevin got a big mouth. nice comedy and action Report Bad

Tex_Mex (5 months ago):
Gotta say as an Ice Cube fan I'm disappointed in this production. Report Bad

anil_kumar (5 months ago):
Nice comedy and action movie...i give it a 8/10 Report Bad

vidman82 (5 months ago):
The Good Copy is Out, I'm about to enjoy this. Report Bad

richw13 (5 months ago):
Good movie quality but movie has a lot to be desired . Bad acting along with weak plot gives it a 5/10 Report Bad

caaci (5 months ago):
Good movie but too dark most of the time. The movie was awesome though. Report Bad

vampire_crazy (6 months ago):
Why is there only one download now and not multiples like before? And why does it now indicate which quality of video like before? Report Bad

imaballer (6 months ago):
How do you watch movies Report Bad

FeedMe (6 months ago):
Amazing video, definitely worth watching at the cinema, or at least until video quality improves on this site. Report Bad

lesterbrown (6 months ago):
gud and funny azz hell kevin heart& ice cube real gud move Report Bad

catcrazy20 (6 months ago):

mr_dopeman (6 months ago):
good copy, dark at times kevin harts gf is fine as fuckkkkkkkkk!!!! Report Bad

Jazzpo (6 months ago):
How do I watch the movies? I am currently using an ipad Report Bad

peleshok (6 months ago):
wow amazing Report Bad

john562 (44 years ago):

lolabored (44 years ago):
I can't wait !!!! Report Bad

BrandonJ0 (44 years ago):
lol can't wait Report Bad

whitesox521 (44 years ago):
Just saw this in theaters yesterday. It was a phenomenal movie with lots of comedy and action. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube were at their best. Report Bad

n_miraa (44 years ago):
@meeksbam hihi I didn't know that, THANK YOU :D Report Bad

BaltaineShadow (44 years ago):
sounds like fun! =)
Now I have to see it! Report Bad

meeksbam (44 years ago):
@n_miraa if you click the settings box up at the top next to the title of the movie, click it to Want to Watch, it will set your account up to get an inbox notice to the new links on the movie. You can use that setting at the top to mark what you have watched, what you want to watch, and what you don't want to watch. It is a real handy tool. I get messages everyday on movies i have marked I wanted to watch. Good Luck! Cheers! Report Bad

makaab (44 years ago):
theres nothing like seeing a movie that your really looking forward to seeing, in the hd category, then clicking the title, and they are all cams. Report Bad

opel786 (44 years ago):
yea @jackon its a good movie i really enjoyed it Report Bad

powerlesseast (44 years ago):
Not in HD, very misleading and annoying. Report Bad

jackson3362 (44 years ago):
good movie Report Bad

Jossy- (44 years ago):
theres no hd link, not even a fake hd link....why does it show in the HD category?!?!?!?!!?!? Report Bad

LordInfamous (44 years ago):
@jesse2times The theater would be one place, but other than that not until a better on hits the web. Hopefully soon. Report Bad

jesse2times (44 years ago):
bad copy where can I watch a good copy? Report Bad

MoviemanMunro (44 years ago):
This is not HD Report Bad

slimboss07 (44 years ago):
I smell a sequel. Just by what Omar said at the end. Report Bad

Kappa1911 (44 years ago):
Kevin Hart is a nut, lol.... Report Bad

rodney88 (44 years ago):
I can'tbelieve that people ddon't think Kevin Hart as an actor is funny! He's a comedian, they always overdue acting! That's really the point and it makes it that much funnier! Great movie! Report Bad

Kim_Apple (44 years ago):
Funny as hell as expected. Loved it! Report Bad

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