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The Heat (2013)
Director: Paul Feig Casts: Category: Action Comedy Crime Views: 18266 Rate This Movie: Rating: 3.2 out of 24 votes

Uptight FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn is paired with testy Boston cop Shannon Mullins in order to take down a ruthless drug lord. The hitch: neither woman has ever had a partner -- or a friend for that matter.



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wchedemall (6 months ago):
Has some funny parts. McCarthy and her non stop f bombs are the movie. Without her its just another Sandra Bullock snoozer. Report Bad

brd32 (6 months ago):
Funniest movie of the year Report Bad

lmac1 (6 months ago):
best comedy movie of 2013 Report Bad

kingkong878 (7 months ago):
hahaha great movie , very funny and entertaining Report Bad

musician4ever (8 months ago):
I've heard wonderful reviews about this, but I laughed only once.
I love McCarthy, and I like Bullock... but I didn't like this film at all. 2/10. I feel bad about not liking it, but it just wasn't my type of humor at all. I like witty, clever, sometimes rather dark humor. This was mostly abusive, physical humor. Report Bad

SKOR (8 months ago):
Not bad, but great either. Very predictable. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are really good, but the story line is just average. They could have done more, given the cast. Report Bad

Anmar7 (8 months ago):
Sandra was amazing my best friend name is Sarah and Sandra made me love this name even more. Can't wait to watch The Heat 2. Report Bad

kylo (8 months ago):
9/10. Amazing. Melissa McCarthy is becoming my favourite comedic actress of all time. She captures every scene and is so naturally funny. She's paired well with Bullock, and Bullock gives an okay performance. Without McCarthy though I doubt this movie would be the success it is becoming. The story sagged in a lot of places, luckily the comedy brought it up again and again. I am quoting lines with friends and we're still laughing. Also, I checked, and a sequel has been announced on IMDB. Very awesome. :) Report Bad

TracySwingKid (8 months ago):
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy made a great team. It was very "Miss Congeniality", but still cute. I about fell on the floor laughing when she doinked him on the head with a watermelon. Report Bad

perksofbeingrinne (8 months ago):
This movie was amazing. I went and saw it in the movie theater and it seemed like I was the only one cracking up. That is how good it was 10/10 Report Bad

kled (8 months ago):
i see that many girls liked it, but i just couldn't laugh, only maybe couple of scenes,only those girls get it, but i think its an original movie i.e girls cop buddy, there are many male cop buddy movie so maybe that genre has worn off and this is new so everyone liked it, there was comparing to horrible bosses and were the millers but i personally think those were more funny. NOw that girl movies are popular contrary to popular belief, its time to get girl superhero movie, seriously . its been a while for male superhero , time to get a female on the scene. maybe black widow or wonder women,just dont mind , im pretty sure everyone will enjoy that and its a winwin for both the male and female audiences. oh forgot to rate the heat, who am i kidding -/10, i just cant rate it coz its an original and have to wait for more for checking which is better. Report Bad

beergas (8 months ago):
Bitching cool. Didn't knew what to expect with all the mixed reviews but these two deliver the chem. Reminds you how critical the players are. If they don't go the thing don't go. It's gone! Sequel likely which could grow nicely on the pairing. 9/10 for twisting the formula with tight fems letting it out. Report Bad

marija_pp (8 months ago):
just watched it in cinema and it was funny as hell, i cried of laughter definitely to must watch 10/10 Report Bad

luffy3rdgear (8 months ago):
Great feel good movie 8/10. Very enjoyable and funny cast members. Report Bad

jabbamanpro (8 months ago):
7.5/10 it's funny
Definitely worth a watch!! Report Bad

ioioio (8 months ago):
Funny! Nothing exactly new as subject, but really a funny movie... some scene are really ilarious (the tracheostomy is epic) Suggested! TY SM! Report Bad

stephenstewart (8 months ago):
this movie is the bet one so far this year Report Bad

patostar (8 months ago):
Very good movie and laughed at some scenes,awesome one. Report Bad

gagirl57 (8 months ago):
Great movie. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy great together. Report Bad

biguno1 (8 months ago):
This movie was funny as hell! Those two made a hell of a team! It needs a sequel! 9/10 Report Bad

kevins812 (8 months ago):
one of the best movies i ever saw 1010 Report Bad

SKOR (8 months ago):
Not bad, but great either. Very predictable. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are really good, but the story line is just average. They could have done more, given the cast. Report Bad

lovelyhook46 (8 months ago):
awesome movie Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock rocked this funny,the TS version on flenuke was better than I thought it would be..10/10 Report Bad

jericjed (8 months ago):
can't wait to watch this Report Bad

shell9983 (8 months ago):
Hysterical! Loved it! :D Report Bad

Carter4lyfe (8 months ago):
ok i thought this was gunna be good from the preveiws i say. but was way better than i even expected. of corse with two of my fave actors how could it not be. Report Bad

lenny456 (8 months ago):
loved this movie could have been funnier with the 2 stars but still a great watch 5/5 Report Bad

lambiyong (8 months ago):
one time watch kinda movie. funny i'd rate this 3/5 Report Bad

PaulPritz94 (8 months ago):
Funniest movie I have ever watched, and it turned out pretty well!! 10/10 Report Bad

Reef_Mac13 (8 months ago):
Movie was a great movie..... Report Bad

_froman360 (8 months ago):
considering the release date alright quality. Report Bad

steo7487 (8 months ago):
exellent movie Report Bad

mel_2999 (8 months ago):
very good! Report Bad

JayKay6731 (8 months ago):
how do you watch these movies? Report Bad

fmcgregor (8 months ago):
I didn't expect to laugh so much but this was good throughout. Excellent movie and hilarious too. Watch this. Report Bad

99Freddan (8 months ago):
Very fun movie, but little slow Report Bad

sinatra1993 (8 months ago):
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Report Bad

atbc (8 months ago):
I knew it would be from he previews, but this was Funny as hell!!! Report Bad

myrayli (8 months ago):
very nice movie, great quality. they make a great team 9/10 Report Bad

hellboyu571 (8 months ago):
nice comedy Report Bad

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