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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
Director: Ben Stiller Casts: Category: Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Views: 5644 Rate This Movie: Rating: 3.4 out of 45 votes

Ben Stiller directs and stars in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, James Thurber's classic story of a day-dreamer who escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker (Kristen Wiig) are threatened, Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined. Written by20th Century Fox



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MYWluv69 (4 months ago):
AWESOME MOVIE 100/100 Report Bad

AllieTone22 (4 months ago):
This movie is very moving! It at times was funny and very learned. All in all 10/10. Report Bad

unbeliever (4 months ago):
I don't know if it was because the movie is so slow, or because it reminded me of Tautou's Amelie, but I was out of this one in 10 minutes. Can't stand another wishy washy reflection about how cool life would be if it wasn't so miserable. I hope this movie helps anyone who thinks that "waiting" is the answer. I do not hate or love this kind of movie, but they are to be seen at certain moments of your life and I think these are best suited for any teen or young adult. If you want something, you better actually make it happen. Report Bad

choromakolo (4 months ago):
Wow, just wow.. eat movie 9/10 Report Bad

jhondoe (4 months ago):
Yep, Ground Control was the major turning point of this story. I liked the movie, but started loving it after that song came by. 9/10 Report Bad

stpahd (4 months ago):
Man, LOVE this movie!!! I always like Ben Stiller but this is the best he's done Report Bad

rodo_14 (4 months ago):
I am normally not a fan of Ben Stiller, but this movie was actually good. I loved the self discover theme. Report Bad

Jamcity (6 months ago):
Very Good Movie. Entertaining throughout without the smut. Report Bad

RyuzakiLawliet (6 months ago):
This movie is absolutely beautiful. The music, The scenery, The story. Only thing I didn't like about it was the "Zone-out and snap back into reality" thing and the "Secret Life Of _____" although, That's what it's based on so I can't complain. Other than that 10/10. Ben Stiller has always been one of my favorite actors, And now Director. Report Bad

Killahz (6 months ago):
An absolutely amazing movie, really good. I am honestly not that big of a fan of Ben Stiller, but after watching this movie I am really starting to rethink that. The movie was fantastic in the story, the music was great, and the scenery was even more so great. I give this movie a two thumbs up, and 9/10. Report Bad

Amirachel15 (6 months ago):
I was very disappointed with this movie. Report Bad

Rolandzzz (6 months ago):
loved it great music great ending BEN STILLER **** YA Report Bad

jonaia (6 months ago):
Finally, an American movie, NOT full of death, apocolyptic doomsday plots, aliean takeovers, cursing, shallow plots, and stupid unfunny "humor". Finally good storytelling. It's been a decade since such a unique plotted movie came out of America, that actually everyone could watch, from kids to young and old. No gratuitous jumping in the sac in this one. Sometimes one just needs a breath of fresh air, and this is it. Ps: South Korean films RULE! Check out FAITH a very long series, modern lady Dr. travels back in time to ancient Korea, meets a charming warrior and they try to protect a royal couple from super powered enemies. Amazing Epic. Check out the Duelist, strangely fascinating martial artists, in a deadly dance. NO swearing. Amazing cinematography in both and unique stories. Ignore the first 5 minutes in the duelist, it's a live action version of a bunch of local town guys telling "dirty tales" to impress one another. It wasn't needed in the film. It's supposed to be an ego tale for entertainment back then, but just irritates the viewer. Man tells tale of girl bringing bed pans to be fixed, guy ends up looking closely at her bent over backside, luckily with her pantaloons still on.. Then the movie cuts to the actual story, taking place at an out door carnival, or market. Start there and the film will be more enjoyable. The ending choreography of "the dance" is the most amazing I ever saw. I miss movies that pull emotion from the viewer, not just shock. Report Bad

hodgneck (6 months ago):
its buffering to much, I can hardly watch it Report Bad

nonks (6 months ago):
is this a remake of the wonderful Danny Kaye movie.e Secret Life of Walter Mitty Report Bad

JCS88667755 (6 months ago):
Great movie, mixes some good comedy and a little bit of life lesson in. Would watch again anytime. Report Bad

lambiyong (6 months ago):
it was OK. One time watch. 3/5 Report Bad

Mauirico13 (6 months ago):
really cool film loved watching it has everything a movie should have. Report Bad

spoto (6 months ago):
this is a good movie Report Bad

jcrobot (6 months ago):
a great adaptation of the short story, though the only thing they really have in common are the 'daydream' factor... It was very enjoyable, and interesting. The cast was kind of spot on as for who I wanted to see in those roles. Adam Scott is so funny when he is plays dickish characters. It would have been great if there had been some big name cameos on his adventures, since ben stiller certainly has that kind of pull these days . It is always fun to watch comedic actors play dialed down roles because there is still this subtle humor present. Thanks Ben Stiller, it was a good one. Report Bad

Jackrabbit (6 months ago):
First Ben Stiller movie liked,and it just happened to be a good flic. Report Bad

richw13 (6 months ago):
I thought it was a very good movie. I thought is was going to be a dud and it was a stud. Report Bad

thepork25 (6 months ago):
I thought the ending was a bit lame, and the beginning wasn't so hot either. Ground Control was the best part, to an overall nice Friday Night make-out movie. Report Bad

nikky3p (6 months ago):
Music in this movie is great! Didn't know until the end that Ben Stiller directed it, I was pleasantly surprised. 8/10 And yeah.. thank you Ellen. :P Report Bad

OldmanvsMidget (6 months ago):
8.5/10 good overall Report Bad

thepork25 (6 months ago):
I stopped watching after he landed in GreenLand.. happy I went back to watch, as I was only seconds away from pure joy. Ground Control = best movie song. Report Bad

scifi (6 months ago):
This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Ben Stiller gets my vote for BEST DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR. 10/10 Report Bad

Rectal_Explosion (6 months ago):
Good movie.. I really want to go on an adventure now Report Bad

newjamesdean (6 months ago):
8/10 fun, light and fun movie that makes you feel good watching it. Report Bad

ayse (6 months ago):
Great movie, aside from the obvious advertisements - witty, edgy creative and definitely in line with the current events that we are all facing globally - unemployment,financial difficulties which brings along the lust to travel and explore 8/10 Report Bad

jjcookiemonster (6 months ago):
great movie! Report Bad

Duchino (6 months ago):
This time Ben Stiller really went there with an entertaining story that starts mundane and spans worldly, nicely paced and put together without stupid fuff and not limited to cool transitions and visuals; it's light yet deep, funny at times and true to its message. Nice job. ★★★★★ Report Bad

julio921 (6 months ago):
i thought this movie was hella awesome!!! 2 thumbs up!!! Report Bad

Salvation1985 (6 months ago):
Watched the movie today on the premiere in Berlin. Met Ben Stiller and Kristen Wiig. Incredible movie. Amazing pictures. Maybe the best Stiller movie I have ever seen. " Radioman" had a Cameo in this filmally greatt everybody will like this movie. I love it. 10/10. Report Bad

papefam (44 years ago):
Really liked this movie, left me smiling in the end! Report Bad

chicago111 (44 years ago):
this movie remind me of dancer in the dark.. only that one was hot a comedy Report Bad

arson415 (44 years ago):
Wow. super feel good! I usually don't go for these types of movies, but man, Stiller delivered. Very funny, romantic, quirky. Pretty special film. I felt inspired to just bounce somewhere myself! :) Report Bad

LordInfamous (44 years ago):
I really enjoyed this movie! Report Bad

dolfaninfinite (44 years ago):
Wonderful movie! 9/10 Report Bad

Bo_Zakk (44 years ago):
Good movieere was an HD link started watching it and half way though it was gone??? DVD link was good though. Report Bad

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